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Hackerplace is a online hacker simulation, which is possible, to create your own computer and hack other users in the virtual net. Choose you favourite job, get high profits on the exchange, enter a clan or found a new one and grow to the best hacker, who all fear. Sign up now for free in the browsergame.

Are you installing still or are you already hacking?

Teamspeak server


Sometimes is it faster, to ask questions on the teamspeak server. From this reason has hackerplace.de a own teamspeak server. Of course are you allowed to use this server for other games or privat conversations. On the channel clan-section are you allowed to create temporary channels for clan meetings and etc.

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android app

If you do not like to call Hackerplace.de via the browser, the app can install for Android.
The game is, as usual, optimally tuned to the operation with mobile devices and just a touch of your finger on the screen away. With the elimination of the address line, browser tabs, bookmarks or status bars, there is even more space for game pleasures. By using the app, the required data volume is reduced.
The app is officially available through the store and is kept up-to-date, of course.
No special permissions are required. Only access to the Internet is required.
Compatible with Android 4.0 and higher

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android widget

With our android-widget are you always up do date what relates to your account. It shows you some stats from your account, about your clan and the current and the value of the exchange. Also you get a notification when you get a new message.
The gadget is there in 2 different sizes and you can decide which datas shown you.
Current version: 0.93
Compitable with Android 1.5 and higher

[ Android-Widget download ]

Windows gadget/mini application


To keep you up to date offers hackerplace a own gadget.
Simply download and install. In the settings of the gadget you have to enter your login data. Finish.
Current version: 1.0.2
Warning: Runs only under windows vista and windows 7

[ Windows gadget/mini application download ]